NOERDEN Connect to Life







From Paris to Shanghai


Born of Shanghai tech and Parisian design, NOERDEN is a young brand driven by the mission to inspire a healthy lifestyle. We believe connected technology can help us understand ourselves and improve our well-being.

NOERDEN Story Our Soul

In order not to disrupt our daily lives, we bring together minimalist design and our latest Invisible Tech to create smart devices that stylishly fit into our worlds.

From smart watches and body scales to blood pressure monitors, the data of all our product lines comes together in our free app to help us understand ourselves, reach our personal goals and find a balanced life.


We are friends with a shared ambition. We are designers passionate about high-tech. We are geeks in love with fashion. We are marketers addicted to fitness.

As different and unique as we all are, the one thing that unites us is our commitment to a brand we believe in. This belief, in ourselves and each other, drives us each day to work harder and be more outgoing than yesterday. We are creaktive: we think fast, create and develop even faster. This is us, We are NOERDEN.


We are growing faster than ever and constantly looking for new talents! To be part of the adventure, show us who you really are !