Bicycle to miracle: we partnered up with Mobike again!

Corporate 18 May 2018

For the second time, we partnered up with Mobike, the global leader in the bike sharing industry with over 100 million users worldwide! Bike riding is entirely part of Chinese culture, and foreigners here in Shanghai quickly pick up the habit as well. Not only is it convenient to go around town, but also so much healthier than sitting in the metro or taking the cab.

After offering a month of free bike rides to all NOERDEN users in China last November-December, this time we switched roles: it’s Mobike who offered a chance to all their fans to win our latest hybrid smartwatch, MATE! The digital campaign was released last week on Mobike Wechat and Weibo – the giant equivalents of Facebook and Twitter in China, and took place in 7 cities: Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Wenzhou.

To win MATE, fans were asked to share their Mobike riding data. Out of 1,500 participants, the 50 ones with the highest records showing the most active daily life were selected to win our latest product, MATE! Our new hybrid smartwatch not only will add style to their look, but also support their efforts into living a healthy lifestyle by tracking their steps, calories, running data, sleep etc. with the possibility for everyone to personalize his goals through our app.

As a consumer-centric startup, we have our own in-house customer service in China, constantly monitor feedbacks and integrate them into our product and app development. Such collaborations are a great way for us to be even closer to our customers, and deepen our understanding of their needs and expectations. We engage with all winners who share with us their experience and recommendations to help us refine our new product lines coming soon this year!