Introducing MATE, our New Hybrid Smart Watch to Keep Fit with Style

Corporate 16 May 2018

After the successful release of our 2-previous hybrid smart watches LIFE and CITY, our new born, MATE,was launched this month on the Chinese market! This athleisure design was built to help you reach your goals with style, integrating 7 smart functions thanks to our Invisible Tech. It combines a modern minimalist style with activity and goal tracking to follow you through the day by matching your look with your active lifestyle.

Athleisure Design with Invisible Tech

Minimalism is the driving mantra behind all our watch lines, with MATE being the culmination of our sleekdesigns. A robust 40-millimeter stainless steel face lit by Luminova hands and combined with an anti-scratch sapphire glass lens is the center of this hybrid watch which unites precision Swiss movement with our own smart Invisible Tech. A variety of interchangeable carved sweatproof silicon bands ensure skin breathability for maximum comfort. With 5ATM waterproofing, not only will it fit your style but also follow your everywhere from the office to the gym. A Bluetooth chip, G-sensor, UV detector, smart control button and LED indicator bring MATE to the smart level with a plethora of smart functions.

Smart Functions to Free Your Movements

MATE tracks your activity with style without the need to constantly carry your phone. The Invisible Tech inside automatically saves up to 30 days of data that will synchronize in the APP each time you connect. With up to one-year battery life, you won’t have to worry about charging ever again. You can even leave your phone at home during your next training session to focus on your performance without being disturbed. MATE distinguishes between running and walking, and the call alert and rejection keep you aware without intruding. To make your life even smarter, MATE can detect UV, find your phone, take remote pictures and automatically synch to new time zones.

Real Time APP to Reach Your Fit Goals

Set your personal goals and keep track of improvements to push yourself to do more! During the day, MATE continuously tracks your step count, run/walk distance and calories burned; at night, sleep duration, detailed light and deep sleep cycles, wake-up times, as well as waking and sleeping times are recorded. All data points are then synched with the NOERDEN App in real-time via Bluetooth 4.0. to track your habits and help you sleep better to be full of energy during the day.

This product is now available on our Jingdong and Tmall e-commerce shops in China. Keep posted to follow our international expansion and be the first to get your MATE when it arrives in your country!