People Profile: Eric

Corporate 19 Oct 2018

As a startup, individual team members make huge contributions to our brand and products. Simply put, our people play unique and important roles in our growth and more importantly, who we are as NOERDEN!

For People Profiles, each month you’ll get to connect with our team by taking an inside look at our talent, triumphs and silly tales! Because every successful startup journey centers around having an amazing team!

Name: Eric

Age: 28

Position: Sales Director for China

Hobbies: Traveling and sports 

Any silly fears or phobias? 

“I’m a little scared of wide open places, like deep in the desert or sea, I think that’s the reason I like sales because I like communicating with people.”

What is different about working in a startup verses working in a bigger company?

“Well you feel like you can act like yourself, you don’t need to hide your personally. You feel equal and you can talk to whoever you like. Before joining Noerden I worked for many big Chinese companies and the culture was not so nice. But at Noerden Chris [our GM], Frankie [Product Director] and myself try to create a company spirit where people communicate freely, face problems together and enjoy working.” 

Sales Director for China

Which health stat do you check the most on your NOERDEN App?

“Steps! My goal is 20, 0000 per day…but usually I only get around 10-15,000” he chuckles. 

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

“Me and wife love traveling and trying new things abroad. One time we went to a nude beach in the USA just for fun” he laughs and add “also when we we’re in Nepal we trekked 60 kilometers in one day so we could enjoy a Himalayan sunrise on new year morning in 2017” 

What Noerden product matches you’re personality best & why?

“Definitely LIFE [smart watch model]because it’s colorful and has good energy. Currently, my favorite design to wear is LIFE2 (launching soon!) with the navy band.”

What has been your top vacation destination and why?

“California!” where Eric just got back from for his third visit. “I like California because you really feel the freedom and relaxation. In China the speed of life is very quick. Even while holidaying in other Asian countries, like Singapore and Japan, the lifestyle still feels rushed. But in California it’s a slower pace, you just go on road trips and I like it.” 


Thanks for the fun interview Eric! As our China Sales Director, Eric is heavily involved in the NOERDEN management team and making the office a fun and relaxed working environment! 

Thanks for always making everyone in the office laugh Eric! 

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