Welcome to the Team Mathieu

Corporate 12 Nov 2018

As we expand into more markets globally, fresh talent is joining us on our startup journey! Let’s meet our newest team members and discover how their passions and personality lead them to uniting with our international, health-centric, smart-tech startup!

Name: Mathieu

Age: 28

Nationality: Belgian - “Walloon” (French speaker)

Position: Global E-Commerce Director

Languages: French, English, Dutch, some Spanish and I hope Chinese soon!

What technology or tech product could you not live without?

“Alarms…I’m just that type of guy” he says with a chuckle “well, mostly reminders actually..."

Have you ever worked in a start-up before?

“Yep! I’ve actually only worked in start-ups! I just prefer the small structure and exciting working environment.”

NOERDEN employee

What first attracted you to NOERDEN?

“From a personal point of view, I wanted to work for a brand and not an agency. And then immediately after I was attracted to the products and their beauty...for me, I must like what I sell. And then I liked the working environment - young, multicultural.” he says with a grin. 

Our brand is about health, fitness and tech with a minimalist design, how does this concept fit into your life?

I’m a good fit because I’m a bit of everything about the brand: I like minimalism, so NOERDEN watches fit into my style and I’m a sporty guy and I’m healthy too.” he laughs adding “well, I think my lifestyle is pretty healthy...” [to be discovered!]

Which Noerden product matches your personality best and why?

“The black version of MATE because I really like the full black minimalist design and the fitness functions go well with my sporty personality too.”

You’re in charge of our global E-commerce, so where will NOERDEN products be available next?

“Very soon LIFE2 (our newest hybrid smart watch with music controls) will be available in South-East Asia on Lazada and on Amazon in France and Spain next year.”



Welcome to the team Mathieu!

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