Women's Fitness Hack

Lifestyle 26 Sep 2018

Today is Women’s Health and Fitness Day!

To celebrate this glorious day, we will provide a health and fitness hack specifically for women!

You see, there’s a lot of misinformation on the web concerning health and fitness. And when it comes to women, this misguidance only seems to amplify!

The root cause of this issue is the firmly held belief that men and women’s bodies differ drastically. For instance, most women who want to lose weight avoid eating protein.

Women think that eating protein when exercising regularly is a “man’s fitness trick”. When in fact the best way to gain lean muscle and lose unwanted fat while working out is to eat enough protein, especially before and after working out no matter your gender!

One study from the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport found that women who ate high-protein meals before hitting the gym lost on average 15 pounds (7 kilos) per year. This surpassed both the average annual weight loss of women who ate low-protein meals before working out or no food prior.

Women eating protein rich foods before working out burn an additional 185 calories over the 24 hours following their workout.

So, ladies, if you want to loss weight while gaining muscle, eat protein before you work out!

If you’re imagining chucking back raw eggs like oysters and eating an entire chicken a day in the name of “gains” well, slow down…

Because it is not healthy to overeat protein either! Scientific studies on rats prove that over eating protein actually reduces longevity. That’s right, even your huge muscles can’t save you if you’ve been pigging out on protein.

So, what is the right amount of protein?

Dr. Clark, a nutritionist who specializes in women’s health recommends eating an average of 70 to 90 grams of protein per day for most women. She suggests that women should eat three meals a day plus one snack with about 20 grams of protein in each meal.

& if you’re about to exercise, then eat 30 to 50 grams of your daily protein intake to promote weight loss and muscle gain. Pre-workout protein will also keeps you energized and feeling full and satisfied post-work out.

Protein rich foods
Protein spread on table

Of course, this fitness hack is great…if you know what protein is…

We’ve assembled a list of our favorite protein -packed, healthy foods below:

  • Seafood: such as salmon and halibut 
  • Tofu: a healthy meat-substitute!
  • Nuts: go nuts, literally!
  • Greek yogurt: served with muesli or nuts for an extra protein bonus!
  • Legumes: such as lentils and chickpeas (yes humus too!) are low-fat and very filling! 
  • Lean meat: chicken and white turkey make the cut!
  • Cheese: non-processed cheese like feta, parmesan, aged cheddar are delicious sources of protein, but keep portion sizes small! 
  • Spinach: great source of both protein and iron!

Remember to drink plenty of water! Without proper hydration, especially when working out, your body can’t burn fat and calories.

So, ladies, now you know our health and fitness hack! Don’t cut back on protein when you’re exercising regularly and looking to lose weight!

- The NOERDEN Team